I had the good fortune to live on the magical Island of Ibiza for 4 years, immersed in its distinct spirituality.  As a Tarot Card Reader of over 25 years, I had always dreamed of creating my own deck, and eventually did, merging the incredible Phoenician history, art and images of Ibiza.

The card interpretations borrow from the tapestry of Thoth & the Golden Dawn, as well as the western tradition of Astrology as written by Professional Astrologer Tamara Sophia.  Each card offers a physical description, an astrological delineation, and a straightforward interpretation for users at any level of experience.  As well, for greater accuracy, dates are linked to every card, according to their astrological signature.

This book is a collaboration of three specialized talents. I am the creator and coordinator; Tamara Sophia provided the writing and astrological expertise, and Amy provided the stunning fantasy artwork that will also be available separately for sale. Ibiza Tarot Soleil has been a 5 year project and truly a labour of love! NOW AVAILABLE, so ORDER NOW!