Dale spent an hour with me on the 11 card spread in Spring 2008. I knew that the winds of change were blowing around me but I didn't see clearly what I should do, or what my part should be in taking the steps I needed to make. I just felt overwhelmed by these major decisions I knew I had to make. Dale knew by my major arcana cards that I was dealing with some heavy issues in my life's direction and he was right! I was thinking of going back to school to transition to a better career. These were all huge steps for me and I couldn't seem to put them into perspective. I felt overwhelmed... but Dale was so clear and positive, explaining that these changes were necessary for my greater good and that I was moving in the right direction. That I would need to be strong, yet flexible to accomplish these things. He even talked about when these things might happen! Also, the way he spoke really put me at ease, with a very calm and loving approach. My studies continue, but since the last few months, I have a better picture of where I want to go in my career and I know that it was the right decision.

Thank you Dale for a beautiful reading!


Cassandra, Toronto


Dale called me on the phone and helped me clarify a question that I needed an answer for. He was direct, precise and offered me great insight as to where things were headed for me. Considering it was only a 3 card reading, I sure felt a sense of calm and understanding about my dilemna and definitely felt stronger about going forward to tackle this issue in my life. I would recommend him for a 3 card reading whenever you need one as it is so helpful. Infact, I will continue to work with Dale, whenever I have simple questions that need immediate answers.

He has definitely gained a new client in me!


Chris, Ottawa














Aston & Marvin of UK Boy Band JLS

Both received readings from me and here are their thoughts, in their own words.


I sent Dale an email telling him what was going on in my life and that I just was not sure what I should do about my present situation. He suggested a 1 card reading for a quick answer as to what I should do. I was skeptical of 1 card telling me anything, especially since I had never spoke to him in person or on the phone. However, after getting my 1 card, the accuracy of it, to my situation was uncanny. It helped me immediately to realise what I had to do. I really could not ask for more, this was truly an enlightening experience. I will definitely use Dale again when these type of things come up.

Thanks so much Dale.


Kay, London UK