1 Card Reading

Do you have something that you need to know how to act on? Let's say you have a meeting coming up and want to know how you should be presenting yourself to others. One card will guide you. Let's say you want to know how someone feels about you right at this minute, One card will tell you. It's quick, easy and very accurate.


3 Card Reading

This reading answers one specific question. Maybe you just want to know if you are going to stay at your current job? Is a relationship in your future? Whatever you can think of we can discuss. This has great benefit when you need immediate answers to make a decision, or we just pick the cards with no set question and talk about them in relation to your life. This is very exciting and  inspiring and a great energy boost to your life!


11 Card Reading

This is an involved process where we discuss everything from your past, present and future. I ask clients to think about their lives, as opposed to a specific question. By doing this, we can tap into the subconscious and find the questions you really want answered. As we read together, we will determine what is affecting you and what are your options. You will learn how you should behave and even how others perceive you. If you have goals they will become more clearly defined. We will discuss specific enchantments that you the client will be able to do at home, to guide you on your path to understanding and achieve the things you want for your life. This reading may take up to one hour and can only be done by phone or in person, not email.


*I also provide readings based on time and multiple questions.  Contact me for more information.