Couples Counseling has become one of the biggest challenges in life for so many.  Here at Tarot Soleil with my partner Tamara Sophia a professional astrologer of over 25 years, we collaborate together using our unique tools to take couples forward on the road to recovery.


Relationships are tough and take a lot of work, but in the end every great relationship is worth it.  Tamara and I can first, understand where each partner is coming from.  Secondly, come up with techniques to work on the issues.  Finally, take all we have learned through astrology and tarot and guide them back to one another!  It's a non-stop pleasure for us to help couples over our 25 years and we are experts in the field.


Below is a link to Tamara Sophia and also a .pdf of an article in Pacha Magazine showing you all a little insight into us.



Pacha Magazine